Invite her to liven up the party and to stir up trouble. She is available
alone or with her husband, the pathetic Helmut Rottweiler.

Everybody has one in each family, and you can have one at your party:
The annoying relatives. Looking for men in Lederhosen and searching
for "Mr. Right" (even with her husband there!!), Doris crashes
your party in search of love.

Interviewing guests under the guise of "Singles Magazine" journalist,
she is perfect for any Gala or event, as she sits with the guests together, interviewing the people. With enough information, she can even be related to someone in your party or company, crashing the party are wonderfully witty and funny characters that interrupt the night with laughter. Prepare yourself for the sarcastic humour of Doris and Helmut, and don't be surprised, you may just want to invite them home!!

Wacky and Crazy as you have never seen !!!

Ein verrücktes, abgedrehtes Paar - oder -
ein besseres Paar hat es nie gegeben.
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